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Embryo Donation

"You are a piece of the puzzle of someone else’s life… The others will fill the holes in their lives with pieces of you."

Embryo Donation
Embryo Donation: Quote

We would be honored to provide you with a viable solution for what to do with your precious remaining embryos!  
Now that your family is complete, you can give the ultimate gift to another couple going through what is oh-so-familiar to you - the struggle with infertility. 
Even though these types of embryo donation programs are not legally considered an adoption but rather a transfer of property, at Embryo Solution, we employ the best practices of traditional adoption:

•    You will participate in the selection of the couple that adopts your embryo(s). When people donate through IVF clinics, they often have no say in who gets the embryos. At Embryo Solution, you can specify criteria that are important to you, which our staff will use to identify the best candidates. 
•    You will choose the type of adoption:


o    Closed. No communication between the donating and adopting individuals. No identities are shared to respect complete confidentiality. The donating family can still choose to be notified if a baby is born from their donated embryos.
o    Semi-open (recommended). Limited communication between the embryo donation/adoption families through our staff. The details are outlined in the contract and are individual to each family. The communication usually includes one email per year with updates on how the child is growing and a few photos until the child reaches their 18th birthday. The names of the donating and adopting families are not shared. Traditional practices consider this type of adoption to be best for the child because they are usually curious about their origin and have the right to know where they came from. Importantly, in the case of medical emergencies, there is a way to connect genetic and adoptive parents. Many embryo matching services do not provide this important service to respective families. They connect families and consider their job done. We are committed to the high standards of the traditional method and are happy to continue this journey with you until the children reach 18 years of age. 
o    Open. The respective individuals fully disclose their identities, contact information, etc. Communication is achieved through personal emails, and the families can meet in person on a regular basis. Some adopting families view the latter as relatives (aunts and uncles). While we recommend starting with semi-open and moving to open embryo donation after the child's birth or as they grow older, the choice is ultimately yours.
•    There is NO COST to donate the embryos.  

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