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"DNA doesn’t make a family, Love does!"

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Our goal is to help make your desire to grow a family a reality. We would love to see your dreams come true and miracles born. 

Advantages of Embryo Donation versus Adopting a Newborn:
•    No waiting list - Embryo Donation takes about 6 months from the application day to Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET); it usually takes two to three years in order to be considered eligible to adopt a newborn.
•    Price - While adopting a child usually costs over $35,000, embryo donation is a fraction of that cost. 
•    You will be pregnant! 
•    Your baby will know your voice and your scent when they are born. Newborns' primary sense is the smell. They will immediately recognize you as their mother by the familiar scent from the womb. The baby will also recognize your partner's voice if your partner sings and tells stories to your impregnated belly.
•    You will experience pregnancy with all the inherent rollercoaster moments of hormones. These hormones will help you bond with your child while they are in the womb and when they are born. You will be able to breastfeed if you choose, enhancing the bond even further. 
•    You will have control over the prenatal environment regarding what you eat and drink during pregnancy. Through this process, you can choose a healthy lifestyle, including prenatal vitamins, moderate exercise, meditation, etc. These play a crucial role in the baby's development and overall health.  
•    You will officially be the biological mother! When adopting a baby, a placing mother sometimes decides to keep the child. With the latter, this is not possible! You are the only one who has rights to this child. There is no coming home to an empty nursery because the placing mother decided to keep the baby.  

Advantages of Embryo Donation Versus IVF:

  • Price! IVF is expensive: One cycle with medications often costs around $20,000, and most women need more than one cycle. During the first IVF cycle, the doctor usually learns how your body reacts to the stimulation medications and adjusts the medication protocol during subsequent IVF cycles. For a woman at her late 30-s or earlier 40-s, it takes (on average) 3 IVF cycles to get pregnant, which drives the cost to more than $60,000.  

  • Higher certainty of success! Even after multiple IVF cycles, a couple might not have viable embryos for transfer. Embryo donation offers access to as many embryos as you need to achieve pregnancy. A woman’s womb stays young much longer than her eggs. Thus, long after the eggs cannot produce a viable embryo (in case of female infertility), the womb is still able to carry a healthy pregnancy. 

  • Fewer medication side effects. IVF stimulation protocols can be taxing on a woman's body. FET also requires some estradiol and progesterone intramuscular shots or suppositories, but the medication regiment is much easier compared to ovary stimulation during IVF. 

  • You are part of the solution! By choosing embryo donation, you are offering a chance at life to the embryos that have already been created.  

We would be honored to walk alongside you in your journey through embryo donation!

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