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Our mission is to find a solution to fertility and excessive embryos by connecting all parties involved.

We are thrilled to support you on your journey!

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What is Embryo Adoption?

A heartbreaking number of couples are unable to grow their families due to infertility issues and the inability to afford costly IVF treatment or adopt a newborn. 
Those who are fortunate enough to undergo multiple IVF cycles face other challenging choices: What should they do with the remaining embryos once they decide their family is complete? Do they donate them to research, discard them, or offer them to a couple who has trouble conceiving? Most of the people we have met are convinced that embryo donation is a life-honoring solution. 
Embryo adoption is when an adoptive couple or a single mother receives a donor couple's remaining embryos after they are done with the procedure. Embryo donation clinics like ours are helping turn dreams into reality for those looking to start a family of their own.   

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