75% of couples cannot afford IVF!

Embryo adoption is an affordable family building option! 

One recent survey found that less than 50% of women struggling with infertility had never spoken with a doctor and 81% had never received any treatment for infertility. (Greil AL, et al., A new way to estimate the potential unmet need for infertility services among women in the United States. J Womens Health 2016; 25:133-8. )

Another recent analysis estimated that only 24% of the demand for fertility services was met in the US, the lowest among developed countries. High cost of infertility treatment in combination with lack of health insurance coverage are believed to be the reasons for such low rate of utilization of fertility treatments in the US. (Chambers GM, et al., The economic impact of assisted reproductive technology: a review of selected developed countries. Fertil Steril. 2009 Jun;91(6):2281-94).