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FAQ (frequently asked questions)

Embryo Donation FAQ:

How do we get started?

Assuming you’ve had a free Zoom consultation with us, please send your full first and last names to and we will follow up with our client agreement form and next steps. You can schedule a free zoom consultation here

What types of donations are available?

You will choose the type of adoption: closed, semi-open, or open. In closed adoption, the only information that will be shared with you is if any children are born from the embryos you donated. Semi-open adoption occurs when the donating and adoptive couples communicate through our staff. Usually, it's an email once a year with a few pictures and an update on how the child is growing. It is not uncommon, however, for couples to move from semi-open to open adoption later in the process. In an open adoption, the donating and adoptive parents exchange their contact information and communicate directly. They can choose to meet in person.

Can I decide to whom my embryos will go?

The short answer is yes, The final decision about donation is yours.

Is the adopting couple screened?

Yes: we run background checks (criminal and sex offender databases), recepients also undergo a one-hour evaluation session with a liscenced psychotherapist; they provide three letters of recommendation; financial documents, a letter from their doctor, etc.

Embryo Adoption FAQ:

How long is the embryo adoption process?

Depending on your preferences, the process will take 6-9 months (the shortest is 3 months).

Can we choose our own fertility clinic for the FET procedure?

Yes. We operate nationwide and we will ship embryos to the fertility clinic of your choice

What is the first step?

Assuming you’ve had a free Zoom consultation with us, we must receive a letter from your primary care (PC) doctor or OBGYN certifying you are healthy to carry on with pregnancy. Once we have that, we will follow up with client agreement where all of the remaining steps are outlined. You can schedule a free zoom consultation here.

How many embryos will I get?

You will receive enough embryos for three Frozen Embryo Transfer attempts (FET) or until you get pregnant, whichever happens first. Thus, you will receive somewhere between 3-6 embryos, the exact number will depend on such factors as your doctor’s preferences regarding how many embryos transfer at a time, the quality of embryos, etc.

Why choose embryo adoption?

The motivations are many and they are very personal: some find it appealing to experience pregnancy (with all its milestones), childbirth and breastfeeding; for some adoptive parents it’s important to have control over the prenatal environment of a child; some would like to give the embryos a chance at life. There are as many reasons as adoptive parents. Schedule a zoom session with us and tell us your story.


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