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The founder of Embryo Solution, Dr. Wright, is extremely familiar with the struggles to conceive children. When the dream of having a genetic baby was slipping away, and doctors gave very slim chances of IVF success, the couple started exploring various choices they had. This included private/newborn adoption, public and international adoption, as well as fostering. After many months of online research, they stumbled upon embryo donation adoption as a family-building solution: 
"Why has no one ever told us about this? Why has no one ever mentioned embryo adoption is possible in the United States?" Alena wondered.
This reaction is quite common when people first learn about this procedure. Unfortunately, doctors often focus on ensuring the success of IVF and IUI methods, putting donor embryo adoption lower down their priority list. They don't even consider this before all other options are explored. Traditional child-care agencies focus on placing children who have already been born. Thus, few organizations exist that can provide a personal and intimate view of the family-building journey and educate prospective parents on all the available options.  
Our mission is to fill the gap between infertility and excess embryos by connecting all parties involved. We look forward to serving you!


The Wright family

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